Retail Development Through Public-Private Partnerships

by: David Wallace

About author


David Wallace served three terms as the Mayor of Sugar Land, Texas and was also appointed by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff to the U. S. Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council. Mr. Wallace has a professional background of nearly 40-years in the acquisition and/or formation of over 100 companies and/or partnerships, and in connection with these companies, has secured billions of dollars in equity and debt from countless public and private sector funding sources.

The story

Overview of book

Retail Development Through Public-Private Partnerships is an invaluable guide for public and private decision-makers seeking to create strategic partnerships to transform the retail industry into a vibrant win-win paradigm. Topics covered include the evolution of public-private partnerships, the collaborative process, economic development tools and sources of capital, community assessment of the impact of development, including environmental sustainability. Illustrative case studies examine financial challenges, community roadblocks and eventual pathways to success, and helpful appendixes identify types of partnerships, green incentives and sources of capital.


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